Capacity and development

+70 MW added in 2011

EDPR’s wind installed capacity in Brazil totalled 84 MW, a 70 MW increase over 2010.

EDPR currently runs three operating wind farms totalling 84 MW, all within the PROINFA program, the renewable energy incentive plan in Brazil.

The main achievement in 2011 was the commissioning of the 70 MW Tramandaí wind farm in Rio Grande do Sul, during May. Tramandaí has a 20 year PPA with Eletrobrás, the state owned electricity holding.

EDPR currently has 120 MW in Tier 1, consisting of the Baixa do Feijão projects, winners of long-term contracts in the December 2011 A-5 auction.

Medium-long term perspectives are also very promising for the company’s future growth, given the 1,614 MW of projects in the pipeline.

Over the past few years, prospecting has been focused in obtaining land rights for wind farms’ establishment in the north-eastern and southern regions of the country, due to its high wind resource, with the goal of entering those projects in future auctions.

“The completion of the Tramandaí wind farm in 2011 marks a major milestone for EDPR as it consolidates its position as a global renewable energy company.”

Luís Adão da Fonseca,
Chief Business Development Officer (CBDO)


+5x GWh increase YoY

EDPR’s electricity production in Brazil totalled 170 GWh, a 139 GWh increase over 2010 and a 5.5x year over year increase. This is primarily a result of the new Tramandaí wind farm, which accounts for 83% of EDPR BR’s total production.

35% net capacity factor

2011 delivered the highest net capacity factor in EDPR’s history in Brazil, due to Tramandaí‘s favourable location and weight in the overall production of the platform.


R$278 average price

EDPR’s average selling price in Brazil reached R$278.4/MWh, a R$24.0/MWh increase over 2010 and a 3% growth rate since 2009.