Our people profile

We have a qualified and diverse team aligned with our business strategy, 72% of which hold university degrees and are less than 40 years old. This deep pool of highly qualified talent has supported EDPR’s exponential growth and provides the optimal base to face future opportunities and challenges. Additionally, our people strongly reflect EDPR’s energy and enthusiasm.

In 2011, EDPR employed 796 people, 37% of which are located in North America or Brazil, while the remaining 63% work in Europe.

“We value our employees as they give EDPR a competitive advantage. Offering them the best professional opportunities is our daily goal.”

Estrella Martin, Head of Human Resources

EDPR Corporate now includes two additional departments that were previously in the North American and European platforms. This change allows for the harmonization of key processes and the sharing of best practices.

Throughout the year, 130 new employees joined EDPR while 154 are no longer with the company, resulting in a turnover ratio of 18%. The year on year increase of this metric is mainly due to the restructuring in EDPR NA.

EDPR prides itself of having a multicultural team, with employees from 24 distinct nationalities, working in 11 geographies, of which 80 are outside their home country. This provides an important advantage, as teams benefit from multiple perspectives and deep knowledge of different markets.

EDPR employs 99% of its employees with an indefinite contract, with just 7 cases of temporary employment. Moreover, the increase in the number of employees working part-time is due to parental leave.