Our people’s satisfaction

Every two years, EDPR conducts a satisfaction survey for its employees. In 2011, the participation rate increased to 91% from 78% (in 2009), and resulted in a global score of 79%.

An in-depth analysis of the macro indicators shows an increase in the level of satisfaction with both the company and one’s department. The survey revealed strong company loyalty as the highest score achieved was related to employee’s desire to stay.

From a geographical perspective, Portugal and Poland are the countries that exhibit the highest “global satisfaction index” score.

The attributes “loyalty”, “recommendation of the company to other colleagues” and “satisfaction with the department” are the most referred when analyzing our employee’s satisfaction.

EDPR employees view the company as being environmentally conscious, concerned about the health and safety of its employees and promoting energy efficiency. This image reflects the commitments made by the management team.

Satisfaction Survey Follow Up

In order to address the most common concerns brought up in the survey, a number of workshops were held in EDPR ́s European offices to gather suggestions for improvement. Participants were given the mission to participate in the development of an action plan for the Company that will be implemented in 2012.