Work-life balance

One of our main focuses continues to be the promotion and encouragement of work-life balance of our employees. This pursuit increases our employee’s satisfaction and enjoyment, while boosting their productivity, commitment and accountability. Overall this creates positive bottom-line results for the organization.

EDPR implemented work-life balance programs throughout the geographies where the company is present and aims constantly improve and provide additional benefits. This course of action was ultimately recognized with the Family-Responsible Employer Certificate in Spain.

Benefits in the work-life balance programs include, depending on the geographies, maternity leave, subsidized summer activities for dependents of employees, birthdays and others.

Take your child to work

At the North American headquarters in Houston, EDPR promoted its Take Your Child to Work Day, an educational program promoting opportunities for children to participate in career exploration at an early age. The all-day event included craft projects, games, presentations, lunch and a movie.

In Europe, our employees’ children between 0 and 12 years old received a Christmas gift, along with a letter from the three Wise Men in Spain and from Santa in the rest of Europe. In order to foster the support of social causes, the gifts were purchased from UNICEF.

Christmas Campaign

In 2011, we launched a UNICEF Christmas Campaign which was divided into two main courses of action: “Give a Day” in Spain and “Emergency in the Horn of Africa” in the other European countries. Both campaigns are meant to fight child malnutrition.

The total number of employees that have contributed to the UNICEF campaign reached 358, and for each one of them the company donated 28 euros, adding up to a total amount of 10,024 euros. The amount is meant to save the lives of children and/ or giving water to families in Africa.

On the other side of the Atlantic, through the Volunteer Committee, employees donated new toys for the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation. 10 teams registered for the Donation Challenge and collected 824 toys which were enough to help nearly 300 families. On average, each participating employee donated 5 toys. Additionally, the Albany New York office collected and donated their toys to families in the Schoharie County, which was impacted by hurricane Irene.