Our business

EDPR is a leading renewable energy company that designs, develops, manages and operates wind farms that generate clean energy.

Since 2007, EDPR has undergone exceptional development from a regional utility company to a large scale global player.

As the world’s third largest wind energy company, generating 16.8 TWh, present in 11 geographies, and with circa 800 employees, we aim to be a long-term market leader in the renewable energy sector.

EDPR is organized according to three main market areas, Europe, North America, and Brazil, with head offices in Madrid, Houston and São Paulo.

EDPR is a global company and has a global strategy but also conducts its business with local teams and strategies. This allows us to understand and take advantage of local market dynamics to maximize value creation.

Our relationship with landowners, municipalities, regulators, and key stakeholders is crucial and a cornerstone of our success. By acting locally, for example, it enables our teams to connect with authorities and conduct general meetings to engage in a dialogue of mutual benefit.

In addition to creating local companies and local teams to accomplish goals, we have internalized the three critical phases of project ownership into our business model in order to extract the most value from our assets.

Development phase

Our sustainable future is dependent on solid development efforts.

EDPR’s teams of highly experienced and qualified developers start by locating a windy site with nearby electricity transmission lines. After partnering with landowners or municipalities, the critical process of measuring the wind begins, where data collection can last for several years. If the site continues to show promise, further studies are conducted and permits are secured until an investment decision is made.

EDPR’s strong presence in 11 countries spanning over 3 continents will provide the necessary optionality in order to maintain long term sustainable growth.

Construction phase

EDPR’s goal is to be a reference in the industry for building the most cost competitive, safe and efficient wind farms.

Our Procurement, Engineering and Construction teams are well equipped to select the best turbine based on each project’s specifics, use in-house expertise to design the best wind farms, and assure top-class engineering and construction standards.

Construction typically lasts nine months to 12 months depending on the size of the project. We work to minimize disturbances to the land and return the land to its initial integrity. In most cases, wind turbines and access roads occupy less than one percent of the land in the entire project area, and the remaining land is still available for agricultural activities.

During 2011, EDPR added over 800 MW, securing its position as a leading player in the wind energy industry.

Operations phase

As an owner and operator, EDPR is committed to maintaining long term operations of our projects for the benefit of our shareholders and stakeholders while always keeping our environmental impact to a minimum.

Our wind farms have a projected life span of 25 years, thus it is critical to our longevity that we focus on maintaining the highest levels of availability, through regularly scheduled maintenance programs and performance improvement initiatives, while minimizing the associated costs through our strong O&M strategy.

EDPR leverages its experience of operating 7.5 GW of installed capacity to ensure continuous improvement and the implementation of best practices.