Our communication channels

EDPR’s communication initiatives played, once again, an important role in 2011. Under the company’s policy for sustainable growth, a permanent dialogue with stakeholders was established across different communication channels and activities. This dialogue fostered trust, confidence and knowledge sharing.

Internal Communications


The intranet site myedpr continued to be developed as the prime, multi-level communications meeting point for all EDPR employees. On this platform employees can easily access relevant information, from operational, Human Resources and social sources.


Throughout the pages of the On Magazine, employees can catch up on news of the EDP group on a global and a regional scale, while the On Renew supplement carries EDPR news to all members of the extended EDP Group.

Corporate TV Channel

Videos play an important role and are a popular medium to cover the company’s activities. In 2011, more than 50 informative and motivational videos from EDPR were displayed on the EDP Group’s corporate TV channel – EDP On.

Media and Public Relations


EDPR continues to operate an important media relations programme, engaging interactively with the media throughout the geographies in which it is present. In 2011, 2218 news items were analysed for EDP Renewables, generating a total AEV of 2.1 million euros and reaching an average tone of 3.6. EDPR’s communication performance along the year was generally positive, with favourable coverage occupying a significant share of editorial space (52%).


EDPR’s website was refreshed under the new EDP Group brand layout and continues to provide quality information in the company’s three main languages (English, Portuguese and Spanish). For 2012 another big content restructure is planned, sustainability will be one of the main subjects highlighted. Moreover, the public portal Save As continues to be popular reference tool for new public and private initiatives with a strong focus on the conservation area.


Other publications and graphic materials, such as brochures or leaflets are distributed, not only at important events and fairs, but also in the local communities where our projects are being developed.

Investor Relations

EDPR seeks to provide investors with information that can support them in making informed, clear, concrete investment decisions. Our Investor Relations team remained in permanent contact with its current and potential shareholders, financial analysts that follow the Company’s activity, and other agents in the global financial markets. During 2011 EDPR was present in several events reinforcing its value creation proposition to its shareholders while prospecting new ones. In 2011, more than 300 meetings were held in the Company’s Offices and in 15 of the major financial cities of Europe and of the US. This provides strong evidence of investor’s interest in the company.


Events are a fundamental pillar of EDPR’s communication with its different stakeholders. As they offer an opportunity for EDPR to get closer to its different audiences.

Internal Events

In 2011, EDPR held quarterly Directors Meetings to analyse the status of projects across European markets, recognizing achievements and communicating new goals.

The Annual Meeting of the European platform, named “Flow”, was the most important of several meetings held to promote cohesion across management groups and provided the opportunity for team building and strategic review exercises.

EDPR NA also held, in October, three regional team building events. Employees responsible for priority projects in the Western, Central, and Eastern regions were invited to attend an all day team building event.

External Events

EDPR NA held its first Customer Event, in Houston, Texas. The Commercial Team hosted a select group of current and potential customers from across the United States.

Also in Texas, EDPR welcomed tax equity investors from across the nation for a two-day event in Houston.

The annual Shareholders Meeting took place in Oviedo and stood out as one of the most important financial events of the year. In 2011, EDPR also held an extraordinary Shareholders Meeting.

partnering with our stakeholders