Local communities

As part of our core business strategy we intend to establish a relationship of trust and collaboration with the communities where we are present, from the very initial stages of our projects and spanning through their entire life. Our projects are essentially a long term partnership between EDPR and local communities. Maintaining a good relationship with this important stakeholder is strategic for our company.

During the development of our wind projects, we try to understand what is the local community’s perception regarding the wind farms’ impact and their concerns. We then try to adapt the project to the local needs and share the “ownership” of the project with the community.

For example, in the US, our renewable energy projects adopt local features and norms into their names, and go through a rigorous process to ensure that the local community identifies with the name.

Public consultations are one of the means used to collect feedback from the communities, where EDPR’s experts on the field seek to respond to the communities concerns.

Moreover, we have also developed a procedure to manage complaints and concerns that landowners and the community may have regarding our construction activities in some geographies.

We are not limited to a one-time set of public meetings. We want to build broader working relationships as a continuous process between the company and its stakeholders, recognizing that our business generates mutual benefits, creating direct and indirect positive impacts in the areas where we are present.

We plan and implement informative and educational campaigns and maintain a constant cooperation with local media as one of the pillars of the engagement with the community.

Finally, during the operations, the long term partnership with the community continues through a combination of community outreach, educational activities and resolution of problems.