Understanding our stakeholders

Understanding our stakeholders is of the upmost importance to EDPR. It helps drive our business and increase our contribution to sustainability.

Therefore, we perform materiality analysis to identify the most relevant issues for our internal and external stakeholders. This study is then complemented with a benchmark of the wind energy sector interests and concerns. The final outcome is a robust analysis of the most important sustainability topics to our stakeholders.

In addition, during 2011 we complemented our materiality analysis with a specific study of the engagement strategy being implemented. For this phase, the scope included Spain and Portugal. Through this study we have identified opportunities to better engage with our stakeholders. As a result, we have implemented an action plan to address the identified opportunities. The program is still ongoing and is expected to improve the level of engagement with local and national authorities and define a new process to manage landowners concerns.

The following graph represents the most relevant topics for EDPR’s internal and external stakeholders. The identification of these topics was performed in 2010 through a stakeholder’s consultation, as we assume that the results from this study are still valid. Nevertheless, we have updated the Materiality Matrix with adjustments to some topics, based on a benchmark of the renewable energy market. This study reflected the relevance given to specific topics in the communications from social and energy sector associations and the media. Most relevant topics identified are specifically addressed in the 2011 annual report.