Climate change

Renewable energies have a large potential to deal with one of the great challenges of this century: climate change. Wind energy benefits from an inexhaustible and natural resource, producing energy while not compromising our world’s environment with the emission of greenhouse gases (GHGs).

Furthermore, wind is an endogenous resource and its use helps to diminish large import costs and the transportation carbon footprint that would otherwise be produced by other sources of energy. Wind is a clean, safe and secure source of energy available close to the population.

Our portfolio of 7.5 GW of installed capacity contributes every year in the worldwide fight against climate change. We significantly improve local and global air quality by mitigating emissions that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere due to the operation of other kinds of energy generation based on fossil fuels.

“Gradually, thanks to projects like the Roman Blandey wind farm, we are contributing significantly to reducing global warming through clean, durable energy.”

João Paulo Costeira, COO Europe

The company growth plans of pure renewable energy represent a solid commitment to foster the use of green energy sources. Moreover, we are committed to support the use the best technologies available in order to preserve natural resources and reduce pollution.

Even though we are in a clean energy business, we go beyond our commitment with the environment by fostering a corporate culture in which initiatives and activities are consistent with environmental responsibility. Therefore we are committed to minimize the environmental impact of our operations and measure the footprint from our administrative activities and wind farms electricity consumption, representing 0.3% of the emissions avoided. Despite this low impact we encourage reducing these emissions by improving our practices in the offices.