Environmental strategy

In order to protect the environment, we complement our strategy of fighting against climate change with an environmentally responsible management of our wind farms. This strategy is supported by the Environmental and Biodiversity policies based on EDP Group’s Guidelines that were approved by EDPR Executive Committee in January 2011.

“Our ambition in the international setting in which we operate is to be leaders and a benchmark in environmental management”

EDPR Environmental Policy

Our policies reflect a responsible management of the environment along the whole value chain. From the very early stages of project development – when it is critical to perform environmental and cultural feasibility studies – to the decommissioning of our wind farms – where our environmental strategy includes a waste management plan, environmental monitoring plans and habitat restoration. All this process is supported by an extensive local knowledge that allows us to ensure environmental compliance during the project life cycle. In 2011, we disbursed 12 million euros in environmental investments and expenditures.

We do not limit ourselves to simply comply with the applicable legal requirements in the area where we construct our wind farms. We go beyond. For example in Europe, we initiate our projects with environmental and cultural feasibility studies, before starting the development phase, even though it not required by law. Moreover, in the US, wind farm sitting law requirements vary significantly between states and are even inexistent in some. We decided to implement our high standards in all our wind farms in the US. We also participate in the Federal Advisory Committee that aims to create a set of uniformly applicable voluntary development guidelines for wind energy.

To ensure that our projects are designed and operated in compliance with the applicable regulation, with our environmental principles and with international best practices we have implemented numerous environmental appraisal and monitoring processes over the life cycle of our projects.