Throughout the construction phase, we ensure that all main contractors are committed with the fulfilment of the environmental conditions and best environmental practices, through the inclusion of these requirements in the bidding documentation or in specific environmental management plans.

Additionally, through construction surveillance plans we are able to assure that all of these requirements are put in place, simplifying the identification of potential impacts and the implementation of corresponding preventive or corrective measures, when necessary.

Once construction has finished, the affected land is restored. During 2011 137 ha were restored. Additional measures are also taken to protect and preserve the habitat. For example, in the US, several habitat mitigation parcels have been created.

The reseeding progress of disturbed areas after the completion of construction activities, is overseen by a third party environmental constructions monitor that makes recommendations, when necessary, to ensure success of reseeding efforts. Third party monitoring has also occurred at some wind farms habitat mitigation and wetlands mitigation parcels.