Footprint from administrative activities

Our administrative activities require us to travel, consume resources in our offices and dispose or recycle the waste generated.

Electricity consumption represents just a small portion of the amount generated. Even when adding the electricity consumed in our wind farms and offices, it represents only 0.3% of the electricity produced.
In addition to the amount of CO2 emissions from electricity consumption, we have other indirect emissions due to business travel, transportation by our own vehicle fleet and by our employees commuting. Our indirect emissions represent 0.3% compared with the total amount of emissions avoided.

Even though the nature of our business largely offsets our carbon emissions, we look for a common mindset in EDPR employees to minimize our impact on the environment. During 2011 we developed initiatives to become more eco-efficient in our administrative activities.

In the US we provide our employees with bike storage and showers to encourage employees to ride bikes to work, as a means of clean transportation. We also provide them with bus and rail tickets to encourage the use of public transportation. In Europe during 2012 employees will also be encouraged to use public transportation
by the use of specific incentives included in the company’s flexible compensation plan.
In the first quarter of 2012, EDPR will launch a new eco-efficiency campaign that focuses on fostering environmental best practices in our offices.