Educational visits to wind farms

EDPR is committed to teach the benefits of wind energy to society. Educational campaigns and visits to our wind farms are part of our day-to-day activities. Children, students, professionals, authorities and the public in general benefit from our conduct.

For example, in Poland we performed several educational theatre plays for children, explaining wind energy. Over 1,000 participants originating from all over the country participated in these educational events.

EDP University Challenge

Under the title “EDP and renewable energies: facing the future side by side”, the company organized the EDP University Challenge. The 2011 edition of the University Challenge achieved a remarkable participation with over 30 project entries. The winner was the project “Design for an off-shore wind farm”, presented by a group of students from the Gijón Technical School of Engineering of the University of Oviedo, Spain. The winning team was awarded an educational grant valued at 10,000 euros and will also be given a three-month work placement at EDPR. The professor who supervised the winning entry was also awarded with a research grant valued at 3,500 euros.