Local fairs, conventions and sponsorships

We actively participate in local fairs and conventions, as well as sponsor several initiatives intended at spreading information about the renewable sector. These initiatives help drive business development and demonstrate how the company’s actions benefit the community.

  • EDPR sponsored and participated in the 6th Spanish National Environmental Impact Assessment Congress. A representative from EDPR delivered a lecture on the “Effectiveness of the Environmental Impact Assessments” session.
  • EDPR was present at an open session on the G4 Consultation organized by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and the Abertis Foundation, and participated in the panel as one of the key speakers.
  • We participated in the 2011 Wind Energy Convention to debate the current situation in the Spanish wind energy sector.
  • EDPR played an active role during the “windustry days”, in France. EDPR representatives met with local companies interested in becoming one of EDPR’s suppliers.
  • EDPR participated in the conference on opportunities in Poland sponsored by Portuguese newspaper Negócios.
  • As part of its effort to expand business in the UK, EDPR took part in the All Energy conference in Aberdeen in May.
  • In the 3rd Professional Gathering on Renewable Energies in the US, EDPR was present to talk about the present and the future of wind power in the country.
  • EDPR was the main sponsor of the Movie & Music festival Wiatrakalia (“The feast of the windmills”), the main summer event near the Margonin wind farm, Poland.