We are proud of being an active member of our many communities. Year after year, we strive to make a positive impact through our many volunteering initiatives.

In 2011, the EDPR Volunteers program was developed and approved. It will be implemented in Europe in 2012. EDPR has always aimed to promote solidarity, and through this initiative we will have the opportunity to strengthen this spirit among our employees.

The program will give three options for volunteering:

  • Volunteer Projects: employees can collaborate by participating through a symbolic annual reference quota of volunteer working;
  • Weekend Volunteers: employees volunteer their time outside the office and EDPR provides the means to coordinate and develop the volunteer work;
  • Solidarity Actions: group activities developed throughout the year involving all employees which will take place during work time hours.

In the US a Volunteering Policy was created to define criteria and processes that allow employees to use up to four hours each month to participate in volunteering efforts. In conjunction with the Volunteering Policy, an Employee Volunteer Program was developed. The program is managed by the Volunteer Committee. The objective of the program is to:

     1.   Give our employees the possibility to participate in their communities and to be responsive and more aware of emerging needs

     2.   Create an environment both within the company and in the communities where we do business that is open to ideas, supportive of individual differences, and expressive of what is best in volunteerism.

During the 2011 European Year of Volunteering, EDPR sponsored two summer camps for 120 children from socially excluded families, in partnership with the NGO Solidarity, Education and Development (Solidaridad Educación y Desarrollo – SED) in Spain.

“Kids reminded us how important it is to be able to put on a smile during hard times, as well as having the openness to meet and give a chance to new people, values we often forget.”

EDPR employee

A group of our employees also participated, in collaboration with the organization SED and the Espiral Loranca Association in the development of workshops for 70 children from low income families. The workshop’s objective was to encourage team work and promote the children’s imagination and creativity. They were responsible for designing their own wind turbine from Lego pieces.

On the other hand, several initiatives were also developed in the US, namely:

  • Adopt-A-BeachinGalveston:DuetotidepatternsintheGulfof Mexico, trash dumped anywhere in the gulf is likely to end up on a Texas beach. EDPR volunteers helped collect and dispose of trash that washed up on the beach;
  • Trees for Houston: is a non-profit organization committed to planting, protecting, and promoting trees in the Greater-Houston area. Volunteers potted tree seedlings at a local farm in La Porte, Texas;
  • BARC Animal Shelter and Adoptions is a Houston-area animal shelter required by law to take in all animals regardless of breed, temperament, health conditions or circumstance. EDPR’s group of volunteers participated in a variety of shelter tasks;
  • Houston Food Bank: is the largest source of food for hunger relief charities in 18 southeast Texas counties. EDPR’s volunteers helped in the kitchen, labeled food in the pantry and loaded/unloaded donations;
  • HoustonHabitatforHumanity:Habitatisanon-profit,ecumenical organization seeking to eliminate poverty housing and homelessness from the world and to make decent shelter a matter of conscience and action. EDPR’s volunteers worked to complete wall builds, which were used in the construction of a new home;
  • HermannParkConservancy:NationalPublicLandsDayisthe nation’s largest single day volunteering effort to improve and enhance the public lands in US. EDPR’s volunteers helped from restoring and replacing native plants and trees, to the preserving the unique environment around Bayou Parkland.