Our governance model is designed to ensure the transparent, meticulous separation of duties and the specialization of supervision.

EDPR’s governance structure comprises a General Meeting of Shareholders, and a Board of Directors that represents and manages the company.

In addition to constituting an essential instrument for ensuring the effective management and control of the Company’s activities, EDPR’s corporate governance system is meant to ensure:

  • the creation of value for shareholders;
  • the control of corporate risk;
  • transparency for the market.
  • The Board of Directors (“BoD”) is supported by:

  • an Executive Committee (EC);
  • an Audit and Control Committee;
  • a Nomination and Remuneration Committee;
  • a Committee on Related Party Transactions.
  • The Board of Directors has transmitted the majority of the executive powers to the Executive Committee.

    To support the CEO and the day-to-day management of the Company, the Executive Committee appointed a Management Team that consists, apart from the CEO itself, of:

  • the Chief Financial Officer (CFO);
  • the Chief Business Development Officer (CBDO);
  • the Chief Operating Officer for Europe (COO EU);
  • the Chief Operating Officer for North America (COO NA).

For further detailed information regarding the responsibilities and roles of the different social bodies, as well as 2011 activity, please refer to the Corporate Governance section, at the end of this report.